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Jetpack Joyride the iPhone game

Jetpack Joyride Online

why do i have it

I'm sorry to say this site is not about the jetpack Joyride iPhone game. So why do I have the domain name you ask? Well thats a very interesting story.

About 2 years ago I started development on a independently developed iphone game. The game revolves around you guessed it a Jetpack. So I went in search of a catchy name with Jetpack in the title. Originally I wanted to call it Jetpack Jim. After a quick search on the internet to see if it was in use I managed to find a game developed for older phones with that title and decided to try find something not in use.

Jetpack Joyride Game

Name Not Taken

That led me to Jetpack Joyride. Which I thought was the best name possible. So again I searched and found no one using it. So I grabbed the domain name in April of last year. So during the games development I kept searching to see if anyone was making a jetpack themed game. A little while later I saw Halfbrick Studios were working on a game titled "Machine Gun Jetpack".

Jetpack Joyride iPhone Game

working title

A few months of development passed and around October last year as I was waking one morning I loaded twitter to see the tweet "Fruit Ninja developer sees same success with Jetpack Joyride". After the shock and a bit of searching I saw that they had renamed their game from "Machine Gun Jetpack" to "Jetpack Joyride" a month or so before its release.

So thats why I have the domain. After putting it up to bad luck, I've finally renamed my and continued my games development.

For those of you who were following my games developemnt. I'll be putting up a new website for it soon. If you want to know when the site is up you can visit I should hopefully have something up soon.